Lughnasad 2014

Lughnasad 2014 Ritual

Initiating the Rite

Grounding and centering

Stand in the grass. Close your eyes and try to feel the rhythms of the earth. Without sight, you must rely on your other senses. Empty your mind of mundane thoughts and concentrate only on feeling and hearing. Can you hear the movement of insects busy at their work? If you listen very carefully, the pulsations of the living earth will become very apparent. Allow them into your body. Relax. Let them become one with your heartbeat until your body no longer feels discrete and separate from the earth.

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Lughnasad 2007 Omen

Here's the omen:

Past: The aspect of the past our deities are drawing to our attention as having such an impact on us today is our success, victory and triumph, things we've done well and things that have gone well for us.

Present: What we are living through, what is so greatly impacting upon us at this instant is the connection between this mundane reality and the Otherworld, our link to the realm of the spirit, our attunement to the inner reality.

Future: What is arriving of greatest significance for us is the necessity to tidy up, cleanse, purify, sweep away the unnecessary or

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Lughnasad 2007 Ritual

Lughnassadh 2007

Dramatis Personae: Bell ringing druid Shining Ones Druid

Outdwellers' druid Ancestors Druid Gate-keeping Druid Nature Spirits Druid Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid Druids of Lugh and Bride

1) Places are taken. 2) Bell ringing Druid rings the bell 3 times.

3)All(chanting in a round): As it was,? As it is,? As it shall be. A blessing of blessings? On all three.

4)KSS: Ritual Opening and Establishing the Sacred Grove through Fire, Well, and Tree: As our ancestors once did, so do we do today, and so?

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Midsummer 2007 Ritual

MidSummer 2007

Dramatis Personae: Bell ringing druid Ancestors Druid Outdwellers druid Nature Spirits Druid Gatekeeping Druid Shining Ones Druid

Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid Personifiers of the Oak King and Mother Nature Personifiers of the Yew king and the Cailleach Beara

1)Bell ringing Druid rings the bell 3 times. All(chanting in a round): Enter in, enter in; Here begin, here begin; Go within, go within.

Enter in, enter in; Here begin, here begin; Go within, go within.

Enter in, enter in; Here begin, here begin; Go within, go within.

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Autumnal Equinox Ritual 2006 C.E.

Red Maple Grove Ritual Autumnal Equinox 2006 C.E.

People Speaking and Doing Things:

Ancestral Druid, Bell Ringing Druid, Divining Druid, Epona's Druid, Gatekeeping Druid, High One's Druid, Keeper of Sacred Space, Natural Druid, Oghma's Druid, Outsiders' Dispatcher, Tree Rooting Druid

Stuff Used:

Apple (for Epona) Bell, Bread (for ancestors) Coins or raisins (for outsiders) Drinks etc for communal sharing Grapes (for high ones) Keeper of Sacred Space Stuff Ogham fews (for divination) Peanuts (for nature spirits) Sage (for Oghma)

1. Prebriefing

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Midsummer 2006 Ritual

Midsummer 2006 Main Ritual

Dramatis Personae: Bell ringing druid; Divining druid; Bel druid; Danu’s druid; Gatekeeping druid; High Ones' druid; Ancestral druid; Nature Spirits druid; Meditative druid; Outdwellers' druid; Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid;

Offerings for: Ancestors, High Ones, Nature Spirits,Bel, Danu, Outdwellers payment; communal drink; copies of ritual; makings of sacred space (Cauldron, cup, large candle, small candle, incense and tree. Offering bowl) 1. Prebriefing. 2. Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

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