Samhain, 2005

Past: Fern, alder, protection. We are being advised by our deities that the element of our past which now has most influence upon us is protection. We are being watched over, cared for and protected. That
by the way, is also my take on the arrival of a police officer to ensure the Tree Ring is safe. The police are a powerful symbol of protection. I saw that as a very favourable symbol.

Present, sail, willow, here I felt this in the sense of rhythm, cyclic, the turning of the wheel, the advance into a new year, a new time, a new stage of growth.

Future, broom, ngetal, cleansing, healing. This felt like it was a good time to enter the new year with focus to healing, cleansing our spirits and preparing ourselves for the further advances to occur later in the new year.

There was a request for further information.

The explanatory ogham was tinne, hazel, balance. If we keep everything in harmony we are on the path. Our gods are advising us to be harmonious and avoid extremes. Through the forest of our journey, may we keep on the middle path.