Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Red Maple Grove has been offering open, public rituals to the Pagan community since Midsummer 1999. As a member grove of Ár nDraoícht Féin, North America’s largest Druidic organization, we are committed to presenting Indo-European classical spiritual practices within a 21st Century framework.

In addition to our public rituals on each of the high days, we have done various outreach activities, have facilitated public discussion groups, and have run classes teaching the material included in the ADF Dedicant’s Program. Our grove’s focus is Celtic and Norse.

Our bylaws are here.

We have a yahoo group; however, our greatest e-activity is our Facebook group. Don’t hesitate to check us out there — same name Red Maple Grove. You may also get in touch by e-mail at [email protected].

Upcoming Events:

Informal Druid Conversation, Thursday March 16th, 7 pm, Michael’s place, 424 Cambridge St South.

Druid Study Session, Sunday, March 26th, 2 pm, Michael’s place, 424 Cambridge St South.

Spring Equinox Ritual Sunday, March 20th at 2 pm at the Tree Ring. This is just inside the park across from where Jackson and Kippewa meet Dows Lake Rd.

Thrice Three Blessings.