Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Red Maple Grove has been offering open, public rituals to the Pagan community since Midsummer 1999. As a member grove of Ár nDraoícht Féin, North America’s largest Druidic organization, we are committed to presenting Indo-European traditional spirituality within a 21st Century framework.

Due to the current pandemic situation, our rituals (especially those celebrating the eight standard Neopagan High Days) and other activities, including our informal Wednesday Conversations, are now online, usually at our RedMapleGrove FaceBook group.

We have done various outreach activities, have facilitated public discussion groups, and have run classes teaching the material included in the ADF Dedicant’s Program. Our grove’s focus is Celtic and Norse.

Our 2021 Samhain Ritual will be held on Sunday October 31, 2021 at 3 pm. We are also continuing to study the ADF dedicants program. Our study class is also on Facebook. If you’re interested and ADF resonates with you, come and give it a try. If you’re unable to attend our Samhain ritual when and where it’s being held, kindly feel free to join in celebrating it according to your availability. Spirituality transcends time and place. To each of you, may all go very well for you and yours.

Our bylaws are here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, check this site’s Contact page.

Thrice Three Blessings.