Welcome to the web site of Red Maple Grove, a community of ADF druids dwelling in the area of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. Red Maple Grove has been offering open, public rituals to the Pagan community since Midsummer 1999. As a member grove of Ár nDraoícht Féin, North America’s largest Druid organization, we are committed to presenting Indo-European traditional spirituality to those living in the 21st Century. Our two specific hearth cultures are Celtic and Norse, and those of other hearth cultures are very welcome. We will be conducting two Autumn Equinox rituals over the weekend of Sept 22-24. On Saturday, September 23rd at 8:30 pm, there will be one on Zoom. The link will be posted to our Facebook Red Maple Grove group. This ritual will be in Gaulish (Celtic) style. On Sunday, September 24th at 2 pm, we will hold an in person ritual at Dundonald Park (Somerset and Lyon) in downtown Ottawa. The plan is to meet in the middle of the park and maybe move from there to an appropriate tree some distance from that middle. This ritual will be in Norse style. Our rituals are public. Those interested are welcome. Please, if you send a request to join our Facebook group, let us know you’re for real. Send me a message introducing yourself, saying that you really are interested in druid/pagan matters and are sending a request to join the Red Maple Grove Facebook group. Thanks.

We have also been holding in person informal druid conversations. We invite people interested to let us know when and where best works for them. Touch wood, details for the next one will soon be posted here. And, we have been holding Zoom or other online conversations, every second Sunday at 7 pm. Deities willing, we’ll post an update on these, as well as our in person conversations in the near future.

We have done various activities to benefit the wider community, have conducted public discussions on druid and pagan themes, and have run classes teaching the ADF Dedicant’s Program (introductory druid study).

We have four Facebook pages in English: our main Red Maple Grove one, one specifically for our members, one for text conversations and one for discussing health and healing. We also have our French language Facebook page, Bosquet des Erables Rouges. And we have a Discord server. If you’re interested, you are very welcome to come and check us out.

Our bylaws are here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, check this site’s Contact page.

Thrive !