This page has been somewhat out of date. Deities willing, it will become current in the near future. For one thing, due to existing circumstances, activities are now online. Hopefully, info on events (next online ritual Samhain 2020) will be posted here relatively soon. Many thanks for your patience. One of our druid sayings is “With the speed of a growing oak,” though it would be good perhaps were this page to be updated not much slower than that.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Red Maple Grove has been offering open, public rituals to the Pagan community since Midsummer 1999. As a member grove of Ár nDraoícht Féin, North America’s largest Druidic organization, we are committed to presenting Indo-European traditional spiritual practices within a 21st Century framework.

In addition to our public rituals on each of the high days, we have done various outreach activities, have facilitated public discussion groups, and have run classes teaching the material included in the ADF Dedicant’s Program. Our grove’s focus is Celtic and Norse.

Our bylaws are here.

Our perhaps most current e-activity is our Facebook group. Don’t hesitate to check us out there — same name Red Maple Grove. Michael McKenny also has a facebook page. A message there to the guy with that name whose picture shows him inside a circle of trees, touch wood, will reach me. More contact info may be provided soon. Thanks again for your patience.

Upcoming Events:

Online. Hopefully to be announced soon.

Thrice Three Blessings.