Midsummer 2006 Omen

The omen from the rit is as follows:

Past: Fern, Alder, our deities have been taking care of us, looking
after us and protecting us.

Present: Idad, yew. This is soul, the eternal, everlasting essence
that proceeds through the incarnations. With two deaths in the family
and a third last week just narrowly avoided, this had some personal
significance for me, perhaps making it difficult for me to see in a
more general manner, and those words and that eternal concept may
still resonate variously and well for others.

Future; Straiph, blackthorn. This is that gessa like thing that says
there’s no turning back, or running away from what’s just ahead of us.
Ours is the choice to meet it worthily, nobly, in a highly ethical
manner, and we gotta go through it.

The traditional question, “Our Gods have spoken; are we satisfied or
would we hear more?” was asked, and no one felt like requesting more.

Thrice Three Blessings,