Red Maple Grove formed in February 1999. We have had roughly ten to twelve ADF members over much of that period and currently have sixteen. Additional people may identify as Red Maple, as well various others participate in our activities. These days, activities are largely online. Current members wishing to have a bio here are invited to let us know and send us their bio.

Those serving the Grove in leadership roles after Samhain 2023 are: Michael McKenny (Senior Druid), Dorothy Wasilewsky (Scribe) and Patricia McIlveen (Purse Warden).

Brief bios of some current members follow. Other members wishing to have bios here may kindly let us know and send us the bio they wish displayed.

Sheila Woodgold is a second generation ADF druid who has been attending rituals and visiting Red Maple Grove sacred trees since the grove’s founding. She became Red Maple Grove’s scribe when she officially joined ADF at eighteen and has been quietly devoting her time to whatever role the grove needs of her since. She feels most at home in forests and libraries.

Green (Michael McKenny) was born in Ottawa and lived most of his childhood and youth in what is now called Gatineau. After that he spent some fifteen years moving up and down the Ottawa Valley on both sides of the river. Then he settled in Ottawa. He joined ADF at Imbolc 1999, at that time helping to found Red Maple Grove. He has considered his hearth culture to be Celtic and Epona his matron deity. However, some twenty years ago, Odin insisted on teaching him the runes and being his patron deity. So, Green also resonates strongly with Norse. His academic background includes a BA in History and an Honours BA in Latin and Classical Civilization. Green is a voracious reader and student of history, archaeology, spirituality, etc.

Farrell McGovern (Tecchno Druid)ADF member since 1997 and Red Maple Grove member since 2002, Farrell’s hearth cultures are Celtic and Greek. He has served on the ADF Mother Grove, first as Chronicler (Editor-in-Chief of Oak Leaves, then as the first Regional Druid for Canada. Previous to being in Red Maple Grove, he was a member of Silver Fox Grove in Montreal.