Lughnasad 2007 Omen

Here’s the omen:

Past: The aspect of the past our deities are drawing to our attention
as having such an impact on us today is our success, victory and
triumph, things we’ve done well and things that have gone well for us.

Present: What we are living through, what is so greatly impacting upon
us at this instant is the connection between this mundane reality and
the Otherworld, our link to the realm of the spirit, our attunement to
the inner reality.

Future: What is arriving of greatest significance for us is the
necessity to tidy up, cleanse, purify, sweep away the unnecessary or
even harmful things from the past to make room for what is going to be
placed upon the altar of our lives.

The traditional question: “Our gods have spoken to us, are we
satisfied or would we hear more?” was asked. There was no request to
hear more.