Midsummer, 2005

Past: Harmony. That aspect of our past most impacting upon us now is harmony, balance, moderation.

Present: Looking at what’s immediately around us, best described in
the gamers’ concept of standing, walking, in a dark dungeon with a
torch illuminating say thirty feet around. We’re being advised to keep our eyes carefully observing what’s very close to our feet.

Future: Protection. Our deities are informing us that they’re there.
They are interested in helping us out. We can proceed, advance and
sail forward, attentively, cautiously, alert, assured we’re sheilded,
protected and safe guarded by our divine patrons.

Explanatory: Romance. Someone wanted a fuller disclosure concerning this and the answer that came was: “You’re asking us why you’re protected? It’s because we deities feel for you, we’re concerned for you, we like you. Don’t do anything stupid, but we’ll watch out for you, because you mean something to us.”