Lughnasadh, 2005

Dramatis Personae:

Bell ringing druid;
Divining druid; Michael? (if he can make it)
Lugh’s druid;
Tailtiu’s druid;Dana?
Gatekeeping druid;
High Ones’ druid; Amarice
Ancestral druid; Dana?
Nature Spirits druid; Sebastian Day
Meditative druid; Karen
Outdwellers’ druid;
Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid; Lee
D(1), Marshal of games- Farrell

Dramatis Res:
Bell; Divinatory tools (runes);
Offerings for: Ancestors, High Ones, Nature Spirits,
Lugh and Tailtiu; Outdwellers
payment; communal drink; copies of ritual;
makings of sacred space (Well (dress the well with
representation of the harvest), silver, cup, large
candle, incense and tree. Offering bowl

1. Prebriefing.
We run through the coming ritual, so all know what to
expect and everything is prepared. (The meditative
druid, the bell ringing druid and the gatekeeper
remain in the circle while the other druids gather
outside the circle.)

2. Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

3. Meditative druid. Tree Rooting Exercise. Done for
those in the main circle.
It’s time to put down your “roots.” You can visualize
and/or feel psychic roots growing out of the bottoms
of your feet. You ground yourself to the actual
dirt/sand/rocks that you happen to be standing upon,
feeling the connection between yourself and the
Think about all those dead ancestors of yours, buried
in the earth. Make the psychic link to them, feel
yourself as a part of something very ancient. Then
return your mind to the recent past, thinking calmly
(like a tree would) about any important events that
have occurred to you in the days or weeks previous.
Contemplate the highs and lows with equal dispassion,
and think briefly of the lessons each had for you.
Then feel yourself absorbing nourishment from all
these sources: the rock of the Earth-Mother and all
Her holy biosphere, the rich psychic soil of your
ancestors, the spiritual compost of the lessons you
have recently learned. Feel this nourishment flowing
into you like sap rising up a tree.

As this sap rises up your legs and into your trunk,
lift your arms as if they were branches. Feel your
entire being glowing and growing, visualize branches
sprouting out from you in all directions, reaching out
to the limits of your aura. Feel the breeze blowing
through your branches, let your mind become very clear
and settled (your leaves will rustle in the wind, but
your center should remain calm).

You are now in touch with all Three Worlds: the Land
beneath your roots, the Water running through your
trunk, the Sky caressing your branches. Now let your
leaves begin to absorb the Firey light from above and
the hidden Fire within the Earth below. This Fire will
circulate throughout your entire being, making your
body, mind and soul glow with its creative power. You
have become a human tree.

So now is the time to create the grove, by extending
your roots and branches until they meet and
intermingle with those of the others participating in
the ceremony. Realize that you are all rooted in the
same Land, drinking the same Water, beneath the same
Sky, and receiving the same Fire. With that
realization, feel yourself becoming one with the
others, merging into a single being — the grove,
something that is far more than the sum of its parts.

4. Procession. The Druids, in two rows lead by the
D(1) and the KSS will
proceed towards the formed circle.

5. Gatekeeper challenge (at an entrance made to the
circle that is already set up by the
non-druidic participants)
“Have you come to honour the gods in Truth, honour and

6. First Prayer:
KSS-Yes, we are here to honour our Gods and to ask for
their blessings

7. Gatekeeper- (blessing)
“Strength of the Land to you.
“Power of the Sea to you.
“Voice of the Sky to you.”
“Enter and be at peace.