Litha, 2005

Dramatis Personae:
Bell ringing druid;
Divining druid; Michael
Belenus’ druid (any suggestions Michael?);
Brighid’s druid(any suggestions Michael?);
Gatekeeping druid;
High Ones’ druid (grapes);
Ancestral druid (bread or seeds);
Nature Spirits druid (peanuts);Amarice
Meditative druid;
Outdwellers’ druid (pennies);
Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid; Lee

Dramatis Res:
Bell; Divinatory tools (runes);
Offerings for: Ancestors, High Ones, Nature Spirits,
Belenus and Brighid; Outdwellers
payment; communal drink; copies of ritual;
makings of sacred space (Well [dress the well with
flowers and greenery], cup, large candle, small
candle, incense and tree. Offering bowl, pieces of
ribbon, colours-red white blue green)

1. Prebriefing.
We run through the coming ritual, so all know what to
expect and everything is prepared.

2. Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

3. Meditative druid. Tree Rooting Exercise.

4. Gatekeeper challenge
“Have you come to honour the gods in Truth, honour and

5. First Prayer:
KSS- Yes, we are here to honour our Gods and to ask
for their blessings.

6. Gatekeeper- (blessing)
“Strength of the Land to you.
“Power of the Sea to you.
“Voice of the Sky to you.”

7. Stepping into ritual space.
“Enter and be at peace.