Lughnasadh, 2005

My hand came out of the bag holding 8 Futhark chips. I dropped them on the cloth, and 3 runes chose to speak (landed face up). They landed in an almost perfect equilateral triangle pattern like this:

H Th

I began with the Raidho chip, simply because it was closest to me. It speaks of a journey, one already started or one that should be started. This could apply to an individual’s journey, or that of a community.

Most of the energy and movement within the ritual had moved widdershins around the altar, so I also chose to move that direction and address the Thorn chip next. It speaks of barriers. I believe I made a passing reference to the thicket of thorns that surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s castle.
But the Thorn rune also implies the strength of Thor, to overcome the obstacle.

Finally, there was the Hegel chip, which literally means ‘hail’, To a farmer, a hail storm is a short-term set back, perhaps a severe one, but the storm itself does not last long.

To me, this reading did not speak of a rejection of our offerings. Instead, it speaks of a conditional acceptance. If we each, as individuals or as community, persevere on the journey through Thorn and Hail, which will inevitably slow our progress, then we will emerge at our destination both strengthened and blessed.