Beltaine, 2005

Past: ruis, elder, the cycle of life. I guess many of us see this as connected to the cutting down of the trees we mourned. It’s also a reminder of rebirth, growth and continuation.

Present: ur, heather, romance. I guess there was some feeling connected with the day, with Bealtaine as the fertility of the land, crops and tribe.

Future, straiph, blackthorn, fate. The specific feeling here is that the future is something that we have to go through. There’s no turning away from it or seeking to evade it. We move honourably and bravely through it.

Explanatory ogham. On asking the traditional question, “Our gods have spoken; are we satisfied or would we hear more,” there was a request to hear more. The explanatory ogham few drawn was luis rowan, sight.
This is sight in the sense of carefully noticing what’s around near at hand. One way of understanding this is that it’s what the light reveals thrown by that stereotypical torch in the blackest dungeon, making sure one is very aware of what’s close by.

As said above, this is a moderate, balanced and reasonable vigilance.