Beltaine, 2005

Pre Ritual Purification of the tree ring-

Michael will recite the poem he wrote upon seeing the
devastated tree ring.

Senior Druid-
Go to the center and toss upon the ground a handful of
seeds or dirt, saying “Upon the firm and life giving
land I stand.”

Then take some water, walk the boundary of your space
sprinkling it—preferably in nine splashes—and say “The
sea surrounds me, separating the wild from the tame.”

Third, light a stick of incense or a smudge stick and
wave it in an arc over your head, saying “Above me the
sky, realm of order and of wonder that shall not fall
as long as time endures.”

Other grove members make their offering to the grove.

Senior Druid-
Let every light and every
Shadow proclaim it;
Let the kindred’s of earth,
Sea and sky acknowledge it,
Let it be known among the mighty dead
Among the noble ones
Among the gods themselves:
By magic’s might we re-claim this ground
As holy ground
By fire in the three worlds
In honour to the shining ones
The sacred grove is re-established
Let all good be welcomed
Let all ill be turned away
Thus is the grove re-claimed and hallowed.
Biodh Se! (“bee-shay”)

Main Ritual

Dramatis Personae:
Bell ringing druid;
Divining druid;
Macha 1 druid;
Macha 2 druid;
Macha 3 druid;
Gatekeeping druid;
High Ones’ druid;
Ancestral druid;
Nature Spirits druid;
Meditative druid;
Outdwellers’ druid;
Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid;

Dramatis Res:
Bell; Divinatory tools (runes);
Offerings for: Ancestors, High Ones, Nature Spirits,
Machas; Outdwellers
payment; communal drink; copies of ritual;
makings of sacred space (Cauldron, cup, large candle,
small candle, incense and tree. Offering bowl)

1. Prebriefing.
We run through the coming rit, so all know what to
expect and everything is prepared.

2. Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

3. Meditative druid. Tree Rooting Exercise.

4. Gatekeeper challenge
“Have you come to honour the gods in Truth, honour and

5. First Prayer:
KSS- Yes, we are here to honour our Gods and to ask
for their blessings.

6. Gatekeeper- (blessing)
“Strength of the Land to you.
“Power of the Sea to you.
“Voice of the Sky to you.”

7. Opening the Gates.
“O Bee-leh, forest-heart, sacred tree!
O Being reaching to mystery!
O Bridge! lift us now along with Thee.
Let your gateway be opened.