Spring Equinox, 2005

Past: ailm, pine, the long view. This is realizing the long term interests and consequences. It is taking the broader view and considering all the factors.

Present: duir, oak, leadership. This is all the courtly virtues, hospitality, courtesy, as well as courage, etc. It is perhaps an indication that now is the time for us to focus on the immediate task of getting the dedicants sessions going, etc.

Future: nin, ash, bridge. This is the connection between this mundane world and the other world. In Norse mythology this is the rainbow bridge. It is how we awake approach the illuminated regions of the

In response to our traditional question, “Our gods have spoken to us. Are we satisfied or would we hear more?” there was a request to hear more.

Explanatory Ogham: coll, hazel, intuition. This is the gleam of the idea as it leaps into the mind and quoting from my notes, “it is that aspect of divination which is the dawning of perception about reality so that we may tread our path creatively, reaching worthily for attainable reality.” In the words of one person at the rit, the gods answered with, “Figure it out.”