Samhain, 2005

Main Ritual

Dramatis Personae:
Bell ringing druid;
Divining druid;
Dagda’s druid;
Morrigan’s druid;
Gatekeeping druid;
High Ones’ druid;
Ancestral druid;
Nature Spirits druid;
Meditative druid;
Outdwellers’ druid;
Keeper of the Sacred Space Druid;

Dramatis Res:
Bell; Divinatory tools (runes);
Offerings for: Ancestors, High Ones, Nature Spirits,
Dagda and Morrigan; Outdwellers payment; communal
drink; copies of ritual;
Makings of sacred space (Well (dress the well with
representation of the New Year), silver, cup, large
candle, incense and tree. Offering bowl
Making of Arawn’s altar- Book of remembrance, central
candle, tea lights, Pen, Chalice, apple offering

1. Prebriefing.
We run through the coming ritual, so all know what
to expect and everything is prepared.

2. Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

3. Meditative druid. Tree Rooting Exercise.

4. Procession into the grove

5. Establishing the Sacred Grove through Fire, Well,
and Tree:
As our ancestors once did, so do we do today, and so
will our children do in the future.
“Samhain is one of the original Celtic fire festivals
and means ‘Summer’s End’ – when the sun’s power wanes,
and the strength of the gods of darkness, winter, and
the underworld grows great. As Beltaine marks the
beginning of summer, Samhain records its end.
We are here to honour all our Gods. We are here to ask
for their blessings. With our words and praises Dagda
and Morrigan, Gods of death and new beginnings, and
Arawn, Lord of Annwn, we honour you today.
Biodh se.

KSS lights the fire and makes an offering of
I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire, burn within us.
All- Sacred fire, burn with us.

KSS pours the waters and makes an offering of
In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.
Sacred waters flow within us.
All- Sacred waters, flow within us.

KSS dresses & censes the world tree:
From the depths to the heights spans the world
Sacred tree, grow within us.
All- Sacred tree, grow within us.

6. The formation of the vertical axis is completed
KSS -The fire, the well, the sacred tree,
Flame and flow and grow in me!
In land, sea and sky,
below and on high!
Thus is the sacred grove claimed and hallowed.
By the cleansing of water and fire, let all ill
turn away from me and mine.
All- Biodh Se! (“Bee-shay”)

7. Opening the Gates.
“O Bee-leh, forest-heart, sacred tree!
O Being reaching to mystery!
O Bridge! lift us now along with Thee.
Let your gateway be opened.