Autumn Equinox, 2005

Past, our past aspect most influencing us now is inspiration. We have been inspired in the past and this continues to be felt.

Present, the present aspect of greatest concern to us now is the connection, weave and harmonious interconnection of all around us. We are a part of the tapestry of life and all of us (humans and everything else) are joined together.

Future, life, the cycle of life, the wheel of existence upon this planet, from the birth of the baby, to the entire journey of life along the path of existence.

Our tradition question, “Our deities have spoken to us; are we satisfied or would we hear more?” brought a request to hear more.

Explanatory few, our deities are telling us that they are looking
after us, watching over us and protecting us. It remains a very good
idea to look both ways before crossing the street and to take care of
our health, and there’s no need to be paranoid. The divine ones are
looking out for us.