Samhain, 2004

Here is the omen from our Samhain ritual taken at the Tree Ring yesterday, October 31, 2004 C.E. As this was taken at that ritual at which we unanimously approved our by-laws, chose our Executive Triad in accordance with those by-laws and agreed to apply for provisional grove status this omen is of special interest.

Past: Onn/furze Our past has been a time of seeking out, gathering and collecting the materials, the individuals, the resources material, intellectual and spiritual required for our growth. It has been a good planting and we are here today because of it.

Present: Ailm/pine We stand here at this special threshold, poised between the planting of the past and the growth that lies ahead of us, reminded to take the long view, to gaze out towards the horizon, to recall the ADF motto “With the speed of a growing oak,” to think of the distant future.

Future: huath/whitethorn As is appropriate for this point in the cycle of the year, as is fitting for us who affirm our grove’s existence at this ritual, as we need at this stage of our collective life, we are reminded that the dark and colder time is well spent in rest from outward activities, in gathering inward, in studying and convivial life inside in a warm and well lit environment.