Spring Equinox 2015 Omen

An ADF ritual includes divination. Usually the Red Maple Grove seer reads the runes during Norse style rituals and ogham during Celtic style rituals. The seer draws three in order (Past, Present and Future). Then Red Maple Grove has a traditional question: “Our Deities have spoken; are we satisfied or would we here more?” If there is a request for more, then a fourth explanatory rune (ogham) is drawn. Below are some omen readings from previous rituals.

Past: Idad (yew) Soul, the essence of our being, that which survives through the incarnations, our true self.

Present: huath (whitethorn) shelter. This is a time of resting, recuperation, healing. One image is of those who may have been battling through the day, but now have an evening of rest, possibly before a morrow of renewed struggle. Now, however, is the time to relax and regain strength.

Future: ur (heather) romance. Spring will come and with it vitality, energy and romance.

The traditional question, “Our deities have spoken; are we satisfied or would we hear more?” was asked. There was a request to hear more. Explanatory: beithe (birch) beginning. Spring will come. We may be standing here cold now, but the season is changing. It will be spring and new things will happen.