Spring Equinox 2015 Omen

Past: Idad (yew) Soul, the essence of our being, that which survives through the incarnations, our true self.

Present: huath (whitethorn) shelter. This is a time of resting, recuperation, healing. One image is of those who may have been battling through the day, but now have an evening of rest, possibly before a morrow of renewed struggle. Now, however, is the time to relax and regain strength.

Future: ur (heather) romance. Spring will come and with it vitality, energy and romance.

The traditional question, “Our deities have spoken; are we satisfied or would we hear more?” was asked. There was a request to hear more. Explanatory: beithe (birch) beginning. Spring will come. We may be standing here cold now, but the season is changing. It will be spring and new things will happen.