Samhain 2014

Bell ringing druid rings bell thrice.

Grove Attunement

D-The Fire it burns bright within us,
Feel the flame between you and me,

D-The well it flows deep beneath us,
Feel the waters between you and me,

D-The tree it grows high above us,
Feel the connection between you and me,

D-We are together, our hearts open,
Earth’s children united , as it was meant to be.


KSS- Purifies with sage

Honoring the Earth Mother

From our first breath, to our last sigh,
Our Mother is with us.
From our first laugh to our last cry,
Our Mother will hold us.
She is our body, She is our Home.
We thank you, Great Mother
For all that we have been given.
May we always remember to step lightly upon you,
and to honour your gift of life.
Great Mother, accept these offerings.

{All offer a kiss to the earth while grain is placed on the Altar}

Statement of Purpose

KSS- Samhain marks the “Summer’s End” when the Sun’s power wanes and the Dark time comes upon us. While we honour all the Gods, today, with our words and praises, we especially honour The Dagda and Ceridwyn, Gods of death and new beginnings, wisdom and knowledge. May they always watch over us.

Establishing the Sacred Grove

KSS makes an offering of incense:

I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire, burn within us.

All- Sacred fire, burn with us.

KSS makes an offering of silver:

In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.
Sacred waters flow within us.

All- Sacred waters, flow within us.

KSS dresses the world tree:

From the depths to the heights spans the world tree.
Sacred tree, grow within us.

All- Sacred tree, grow within us.

KSS-The fire, the well, the sacred tree,

Flame and flow and grow in me!
In land, sea and sky,
below and on high!
Thus is the sacred grove claimed and hallowed.
By the cleansing of water and fire, let all ill
turn away from me and mine.

All- Biodh Se! (“Bee-shay”)

Opening the Gates.


“O Bee-leh, forest-heart, sacred tree!
O Being reaching to mystery!
O Bridge! lift us now along with Thee.
Let your gateway be opened


“Outsiders, forces of chaos, you who have chosen to not be part of our workings, you who dwell, fierce and untamed beyond our lands in dark places to civilization unknown, I give you this offering and ask you to stay behind the gate and do not disturb us during this rite.”

First Prayer

KSS-  High Ones, Ancestors and Mighty Sidhe,
Powers of Earth and Sky and Sea,
By Fire and Well, by Sacred Tree,
To each, an offering we make to thee.


Hear us, Old Ones, our ancestors and kin,
You whose blood flows in our veins.
You who have built the foundations our people stands upon
Our respected parents, ancestors, teachers and guides
From you we spring and with you we will grow in health.
Remember us as we remember you:
Ancestors, accept our offering

Nature Spirits

Hear us, Spirits of Nature
Kindreds of fur, feather,scale, fin, bark, leaf and stem
Spirits of the forest, mountains, rivers and sky
From you we learn to live in harmony with our world,
and ourselves.
Aid us as we aid you:
Nature Spirits, Accept our offering!

Shining Ones

Hear us, Shining Ones of old, you who uphold the worlds.
You who taught us the mysteries of life, wisdom, love and strength
Guides and guardians of our people, our divine mentors
In you we grow in wisdom, strength, and purity.
Honor us as we honor you:
Shining Ones, accept our offering!

Second Prayer:

KSS- We are here to honour our Gods and to ask for their participation.

{Calling on Ceridwyn and The Dagda}


Ceridwyn is Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Wisdom, Inspiration and Knowledge, cross-roads and Change. She holds the secrets of initiation and the transformations that we must undergo to become whole unto ourselves. She shows us that the transformation of Death and Rebirth are only letting go of the old and embracing the new.

As the wheel turns so it is time for us to let go of the old year and look toward the New year without fear, but with eagerness, for Cerridwyn is there to guide us.

[Prayer to Cerridwyn by BellaJana]

Blessed Cerridwyn, filled with ancient wisdom,
Your cauldron full of life’s mysteries
With change comes forth growth
Once growth begins, transformation evolves
Life surrenders to your loving embrace
To once again be reborn.

[place offering herbs into the cauldron]

Ceridwyn, join us and bless us as we remember those who have returned to your embrace and await to be reborn.

The Dagda

The Dagda is called the Excellent God, the Lord of
Perfect Knowledge and all Father.
I call to you, O Dagda, mighty one, kindly one,
generous one, great God of many talents.
Father of children good-hearted and strong,
master of treasures beyond telling, your cauldron
ever full, your trees ever heavy with sweet fruit.
Upon your oaken harp you play to bring the land
to new-grown life or set it to a winter’s sleep:
in hand you wield the hefty club with which you take
or give back lives. O Dagda, God of many names,
granter of many gifts, holder of knowledge and
bearer of wisdom, worker of wonders.
you shield us in safety, you bless us with bounty.
Accept this offering and join us,
Dagda watch over us.

[offering of oats is given]

Personal Offerings and Remembrance

KSS- Samhain is believed to be the time of the year the souls of the dead can walk amongst the living. It is the time to remember those who have moved on but are still alive within our hearts and whom we would honour this day.

Those who want to make personal offerings can do so as well as approach the Cauldron and place a flower into the waters for those they wish remembered. The names can be spoken aloud or merely whispered.


But may you yourselves, O Gods of Life,
Be at my breast, be at my back,
You to me as a star, you to me as a guide,
From my life’s beginning to my life’s closing.
That my name may be remembered…

KSS- Now, with the blessings of the Gods, the Ancestors and the Spirits of Nature upon us this night of rebirth, and with Their presence all around us, we seek to honour that which has come anew.

Let the Triad stand witness and This Officer of our folk come forth and make their oath of office for the coming two years.

(Senior Druid )

Prayer of Sacrifice

KSS-This eve we gather upon the Earth as one tribe;
To worship and Honour the Kindred as one people;
We gather kin and clan beneath the Sky;
To make offerings to the Kindred in hopes of
Receiving their blessings in return.
Let our voice arise on the flame
Let our voice resound in the well
We call once more through the Gates and deep within
The Otherworld that all shall know our love and respect
Beloved Kindred, Blessed Ceridwyn, Mighty Dagda
We Honour you!

All- We honour you!

Third Prayer

KSS- In honouring our Gods, we listen to their Wisdom.

Ogham divination

“We have asked and been answered. Are we satisfied, or would we hear more?”

Calling for the Blessing

KSS- As in the ways of old we have given our gifts freely
We will drink deep of the Cup of Inspiration.
Mighty Kindred, your blessings upon us!

All: Kindred, your blessings upon us!

We gather with you between Earth and Sky. We are proud to call ourselves your people.

Once again, Mighty Kindred, your blessings upon us!

Hallowing of the Waters

KSS- Shining Ones, Noble Ones, and Mighty Ones, We have praised you and received your blessings. Hallow these waters and grant us your strength and inspiration.

Affirmation of the Blessing

KSS- We open our hearts to the flow of your blessing;
We, your children and worshippers.
We drink in wisdom, love and strength
To do as we will in the worlds
In service to the Shining Ones.
We shall drink deep the blessings of the Kindred!

Thanking the Powers

KSS- Each time we invoke the Powers they become stronger
and more alert to the needs of the Folk. But the time
has come to end our Working, and give them proper thanks

The Dagda

O Dagda, mighty one, kindly one, generous one,
you shield us in safety, you bless us with bounty.
We thank you for your wisdom and guidance this day.
Go if you must, stay if you will. Thank you


Blessed Ceridwyn, filled with ancient wisdom
We thank you for your guidance this day,and
for your loving care of those who have passed on.
May their journey be filled with love and light.
Go if you must, stay if you will. Thank you

Shining Ones

O Lords and Ladies, lofty, high,
To our ancient ones ever nigh,
Thank you for joining us today.
As pleases you, now go or stay.

Nature Spirits

O Spirits of earth, river and sky,
Brothers and sisters of fur, feather, fin, bark, leaf and stem
Thank you for joining us today,
As pleases you, now go or stay.


O Old Ones, our ancestors and kin,
You whose blood flows within.
Thank you for joining us today,
As pleases you, now go or stay.


“O Bee-leh, forest-heart, sacred tree!
O Being reaching to mystery!
O Bridge! Who brought us back through Thee.
Let your gateway be closed.

Thanking the Earth Mother

Earth Mother, May we continue to learn from your being
to persevere with faith, to balance with grace
to embrace with love and walk in beauty.
Earth Mother, we thank you.

Final closing

KSS- By the Walker of the Ways, and by our magic, we end what we began. Let the Fire be flame, and the Well be water, and the ways between be shut. We have done as

our ancestors have done, and as our children will do, and the Powers have answered. Let us go out into the world secure in the knowledge that our offerings have pleased them and that we go forth under their protection. The ritual is at a close!